Swindon Psychic & Healing Fayres / www.spirit-tarot.co.uk  hereafter known as ‘the organisers’ are not responsible for any information, advice or recommendations that may be given by any reader, therapist or trader, hereafter known as ‘the participants’, during our organised events.


Any information given by participants is NOT meant to replace consulting appropriate professional persons who are qualified in their field, and does NOT necessarily reflect the views of the organisers.


Any details or information offered by any of the participants about a clients’ future life and events CANNOT be guaranteed, and the organisers are NOT responsible for anything the participants say.


The organisers reserve the right to refuse admission to any person who is appears to be under 18 years old without proof of age, who is unaccompanied by a responsible adult.


The organisers reserve the right to refuse admission to any person who may be disruptive to any event.


All events detailed on this website:  www.spirit-tarot.co.uk  are for entertainment purposes only as per new government legislation in 2008.


Our participants do take their craft seriously and have stated that they will not knowingly give any mis-information to any client. All information that passes between our participants and clients is confidential and will not be repeated to any third party. The organisers are not responsible for any discussion between participant and client.