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Bernie Scott


We are very fortunate to have Bernie Scott as one of our regular Platform Mediums at our Evenings of Mediumship here in Swindon. She is a very gifted lady and we highly recommend her.


Some information about Bernie:


Bernie Scott is a Clairsentient and Clairvoyant Medium, which means she sees, feels, senses what the spirit world are communicating. She is friendly and totally approachable with her cheery disposition and makes everybody feel comfortable and totally at ease. Using her abilities as a medium or messenger from the spirit world, she has brought comfort and healing to people worldwide.

Bernie takes every opportunity to demonstrate her mediumistic ability, endeavoring to reunite relatives with their departed loved ones. Knowing we never stop developing, Bernie is always asking her guides to help her to push the boundaries of her work, wanting each message from the other side to be as perfect as possible to prove, beyond doubt, that our spirits are eternal. To prove our loved ones are more alive than we are and that they are able to talk with us. The evidence she gives is uplifting, reassuring, and from the world of spirit. She works very closely with her guides whom encourage and inspire her with her work.

Bernie will be working alongside Colin Fry and Keith Charles (the psychic detective), amongst others, at the Psychic and Spiritual Weekend at Sand Bay in February 2011.

To see Bernies' Website for more information about her click on link below:


Deb Hawken - The Unexpected Medium


Deb Hawken is a Clairsentient Medium who has been working professionally for a number of years but is fairly new to the South West circuit. She calls herself the Unexpected Medium because she believes that although the Spirit World come through during demonstrations of Mediumship to pass messages of comfort and hope to their loved ones and friends in the audience, there is also a deeper meaning to Mediumship which is to inspire us all to live happy and fulfilling lives.


Although she loves passing on evidence from the Spirit World more than she loves chocolate, she also seeks to draw out thought provoking themes and ideas and, with the help of her Guide (Amos) expand on them a little in the hope that everyone will go home inspired and uplifted, not just those lucky enough to receive a message.


As such, although there will be plenty of messages during the evening, you should also be prepared to expect the unexpected!


Deb is a writer, working Psychic Medium, inspirational speaker and life coach. She is currently a Feature Writer for Eternal Spirit Magazine, Silent Voices E-zine and Vivid Life E-zine.  She has also been published in Kindred Spirit and High Spirit magazines.  


Deb is also the Resident Psychic Medium at Warner's Cricket St. Thomas Hotel in Somerset where she provides talks, private readings, workshops and demonstrations of Mediumship.


You can contact Deb and find out about her writing via her website -

www.dancing-star.org.uk (click on lnk below).  

You can also telephone her on 07912 374226 (mob)

or E-mail her on deb@dancing-star.org.uk.



Psychic Medium Serafina


Serafina is a Psychic and a Crystal and Reiki healer.

‘I work with my Tarot cards using my intuition and psychic ability to shed light and give both guidance and direction with any problems or decisions that you might need to make in your life.’

Serafina is an genuine down to earth caring person, who has a personal wealth of experience and understanding in all areas.

‘The aim of my Readings are to help you see how different everything can be for you and how quickly you can progress in a more positive and happier direction! ‘

PLEASE NOTE: You can see more about Serafina by looking at her website. See www.spiritualhealingtherapies.co.uk